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Budget Director

Industry: Not for Profit

Location: Covina

Compensation: $110K – $130K + Excellent Benefits

Contact: Lee Ryan

Non-profit firm, focused on child care and early learning, is seeking an experienced Budget Director to join their firm. This is a newly-defined and upgraded role due to the growth of the company.

This individual will be a right hand to the CFO and provide guidance, support and assistance to Program Managers throughout the organization.

Responsibilities include:

• Draft annual and special division and program budgets in cooperation with division and program managers.
• Draft grant application budgets with program managers and/or the Executive Director and/or the Chief Financial Officer.
• Present draft budgets, including justifications, alternatives and a range of possible reductions to balance program budgets to the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director.
• Manage a monthly budget monitoring system to track and report to the Budget Manager.
• Develop other budgeting tools as needed, including templates for program manager use.
• Develop and utilize year-end income and expenditure forecasts.
• Receive and log all monthly budget monitoring reports.
• Review and evaluate monthly budget monitoring reports from program managers and develop monthly and quarterly summary reports.
• Create both summary and evaluation reviews of program budget reports.
• Track contract/program earnings as part of budget monitoring and reporting.
• Manage and oversee bidding for a limited number of periodic agency-wide procurement contracts.
• Assist Executive Director and CFO in presenting budgets and budget issues to the Board of Directors.
• Lead and train program managers in procedures and techniques for budget development and completion of their Monthly Budget Monitoring reports.
• Explain and teach budgeting and budget management to program managers in terms that are meaningful to program managers, and to build and enhance their budgeting and budget management skills.
• Oversee special year end budget monitoring, as assigned.
• Direct or participate in special Fiscal Department projects and periodic projects, including audits, funding source fiscal reviews, preparation of special reports, proposals for reducing costs, etc.
• Assist CFO in preparing financial reports for funding sources and government agencies, as needed.
• Identify suspected problems, including emerging possibilities for over (spending) expenditures, financial mismanagement, failure to follow good accounting and budgeting practices, or client or employee fraud.
• Maintain current and detailed knowledge of the financial reporting, budget approval and expenditure control rules, and other relevant rules of each funding source.
• Advise Executives on all matters covered by these responsibilities and duties.
• Direct or participate in special projects as assigned.
• Represent the agency at professional organizations, meetings, conferences.
• Actively participate in in-service training.
• Work effectively with other team members.
• Read and implement all agency program policies and procedures.

Requirements include:

• Minimum of 6 years’ experience in accounting and/or budgeting.
• 2 years’ experience in budgeting and / or financial management.
• High level of organizational skills.
• Ability to independently identify problems, develop solutions, and implement plans.
• Ability to work collaboratively with senior managers, provide training to senior managers, and elicit their cooperation.
• Ability to identify and propose realistic budget savings and operating efficiencies.
• Proficient in Word and Excel.
• Ability to correctly and effectively communicate in written and oral English.
• A California Driver’s License, daily use of automobile and automobile liability insurance.

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